A Thanksgiving Prayer

Praying Hands

Just this once, O God, we come with no problems,
no requests, no demands, but simply to say thanks...
for tasty food and talented cooks;
for whoever decided that the meat of a pumpkin
would make a great pie;
for clothes that get too tight to remind us not to overdo;
for good friends to laugh with...
for better friends to cry with;
for crazy aunts or uncles or cousins
who make us feel sane by comparison;
for forgiveness when we fail...
for the chance to learn from our mistakes;
for that unsettled feeling we have
when we think of those who do not have enough,
the feeling that prompts us to act;
for the joy we find in helping others;
for the fun that refreshes when everything gets too serious;
for the reality of this world when we stray too far into fantasy;
for the renewal we feel in occasional moments of silence;
for the sheer joy of sleep when we are terribly tired;
for your presence in the midst of utter loneliness;
for all these things and so much more...
for our very lives and all that makes them worth living,
O God, we give you thanks.