Leininger family

Our Family Album

Our family has enjoyed many happy hours in various and sundry pursuits.
The photographs here are an informal visual record of who we are and what we do.
They cover the span of over 30 years of family life,
involve many thousands of miles of travel
and interaction with hundreds of friends, acquaintances, and extended family.
They are a brief overview of our collective adventures.
We hope you enjoy them.

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Wedding Day
April 29, 1978 started it all.
David as Ben Franklin
David played Ben Franklin in an Island Playhouse production of 1776.
Erin & David, 1984
The best things that ever happened to us - Erin & David, 1984.
David & Pop-pop
Th boys in blue. Little David and his Pop-pop, Fred Eaton, by the lagoon behind 8 Heritage Ct.
Erin & Danny
Erin & her "Danny," Peggy Eaton, in Danny's Living Room.
Christmas Twins
Christie, Erin & Oreo the cat. The girls are in their twin outfits that Danny had made them for Christmas.
Jean Claude Leininger
Young David does his best impression of a world-class skier.
Mia Hamm Leininger
Erin is ready for soccer in the Fall of 1994.
LD & Murph
Young David gets to meet his hero, Dale Murphy of the Atlanta Braves.
Yorkshire Lane
The family poolside at our Yorkshire Lane home in Ft. Myers, FL.
Bainbridge Kids
The kids are growing up - sitting in our backyard in Bainbridge, GA.
LD's Ordination
Young David is ordained as an Elder in the PCUSA at St. Paul Presbyterian Chruch.
Abuelo's Wedding
David has the high privilege of officiating at the wedding of his mother Rosalind to the Rev. Fred Tinley ("Abuelo').
White House
We were joined by our dear friends, Saúl Pulido Perez and wife Doris for a trip to Washington and the White House.
Dad at Pebble Beach
Dad gets to see #18 at Pebble Beach up close and personal - someday, maybe play. Someday!
Christie in Jordan
Christie goes "native" on our trip to Jordan in 2005.
Dad & Erin at Versailles
Dad and Erin enjoy Versailles during the family vacation in 2006.
Paris w. Mitch Conquer
Our trip to Paris was made all the more enjoyable by running into our friend from Warren, Mitch Conquer.
Tower Bridge
The family enjoys the sights of London as we visit Tower Bridge.
Erin at Harrod's
The world's greatest shopper in front of the world's greatest department store - Harrod's of London.
Plaza de Toros
We got to enjoy the bull fights at the Plaza de Toros during our trip to Madrid.
Peter Pan Bar, Santander
Erin insisted that we include this one of us at her favorite bar in Santander, Spain.
Paris Metro
All four of us ride the Metro in Paris.
Dad's Siblings
The 6 Leininger siblings gathered in Baltimore in 2007 for Abbott Memorial Presbyterian's 125th anniversary.
Dave & Jenny's Wedding
The family expanded in 2010 with the wedding of Jenny & Dave
Dalton, Jenny & Dave
These are the Leiningers 2.0: Dalton, Jenny & Dave.
Jenny & Erin

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