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Greetings of the season from sunny South Carolina...but cold. Ah, well, it is winter, after all. The big news for the family this year is reflected in the photograph below - each looks mesmerized by the other. In August, we had planned a trip to China as our big adventure, but we were informed just prior to Christmas last year that such would not be permitted. We would be needed here. Ah HA!!! We are now a family expanded - on Thursday, August 2, we welcomed Noah Paul Padgett into the family, all eight pounds, 11 ounces of him, the son of Erin and Chris. And he is PERFECT. We are now Kiki and PopPop. He is growing like the proverbial weed, and we look forward to watching every inch of the way.

Noah and Santa

Visit to RomeCaptain David Leininger is continuing his career as a US Air Force officer.. He is currently assigned to a base in central Spain where he is involved with a Leadership Training program for NATO pilots. The photo is from a weekend break to Rome from a brief assignment in Italy in the same area where his grandparents (Christie’s folks) first met during World War II. Intriguing coincidence. Our next big trip will come in January as we fly to Spain to meet with Dave. We will spend a week of traveling with him then, when he gets back to work, Mom and Dad will fly to Greece for another week of playing tourist with a group from Gate1 travel, the same folks that did such a marvelous job for us on our trip to Italy in 2017.

Kangaroo Squadron Just before Christmas, we participated in a book launch/signing for historian Bruce Gamble’s Kangaroo Squadron. In 1942, right after Pearl Harbor, and with the American military in disarray, a single US Army squadron flew to the other side of the world to confront the enemy. One of that small group was 24-year-old Lt. Fred Eaton, Christie’s father, whose exploits are recounted in the book. Quite an adventure. If you would like to get a copy, it is available from Amazon.

Speaking of adventures, we are in the midst of one right here on the island - we are in the process of “cutting the cord.” We have gotten rid of our cable TV service in favor of internet streaming. We have gotten rid of our landline telephones and going with just cellular service. To reach us from here on out, Christie’s number is 814-730-0007; David’s is 814-730-0080.

Erin and Chris are doing well and settling in to their new life as a family of four (the fourth being grand-dog Gracie, the best pooch that PopPop ever met). Erin is back at her Office Administrator job with Payzer, the start-up software firm in Charlotte, after a two-month maternity leave. Chris continues to manage the Charlotte area operations of IDI, an international building insulation corporation.

Christie continues to enjoy her retirement life. She remains active in music playing handbells at church singing in the Choir and Women’s Ensemble, She continues to enjoy participating in the Hilton Head Choral Society. Her years-long passion for mission continues; she took no mission trips this year, but who knows what awaits during 2019?

As you can tell, this year has been a good one for the Leiningers. We hope your year has been good. Our prayers are with you for a blessed Christmas and an equally blessed 2019.

                                                                                                   David & Christie

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