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NO, It's Not Snowing in South Carolina but, in celebration of the season and in honor of all our friends in the midwest and north who have been having to contend with the white stuff, we have some here in cyberspace again that no one has to shovel or blow off.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS... And they surely are for the Hilton Head Leiningers. David continues busy with brides and grooms (and Moms and Dads and Aunts and Uncles...). The wedding season here is year-round - letting up a bit during the winter months, but not so much as might be imagined. Officiating at such affairs has become a most enjoyable form of ministry. 2019 was an incredibly busy year (almost 100 ceremonies) and the calendar for 2020 is already filling up. For details about the process, click here or on the "Weddings" button at left and we will be happy to assist. But if it is actually SNOWING, let's do it inside. Christie remains busy with the Hilton Head Choral Society, Choirs and Handbells at church, and maintaining our home. The picture at the top of the page is the reason for our REAL celebration this holiday season. On November 17, we welcomed the two newest (and smallest) members of our expanding family, Davis Christopher Padgett and Ryan Daniel Padgett, identical twin boys who are being checked out by their brother Noah. Hard to imagine that just four years ago, Erin and Chris began their life together and already they are a family of five. As we have noted previously, they grow up TOO QUICKLY, don't they?

Padgett Boys


Our 2019 Christmas Letter is online again this year. In an effort to "go green," not to mention that this wonderful medium is the way more and more of us are communicating these days, leads us to embrace the new technology. Click here to read it, then send us e-mail so that we can find yours as well.

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BOOK SALE!!! Book prices are always too high (at least, according to former seminary students who had to buy them) Fortunately, we can offer at least a little discount from publisher's prices when you purchase online. Click here for more descriptive information about the books, ordering information, and to take advantage of author's discounts on the books available. By the way, David's newest book, The 2,000 Year Old Preacher: 21st sermons on 1st century texts is soon to be published. It is a collection of sermons for the Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany seasons for Year B in the Revised Common Lectionary and will be available this coming summer.


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