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Hail ! Hail! The gang's all here! Or, at least, they WERE all here. The clan recently gathered to celebrate Christie's birthday and the photo above commemorates the occasion. From left to right, we have Chris Padgett holding young Ryan, Son David, PopPop, the birthday girl, Daughter Erin Padgett holding young Davis, with Noah hanging on to her hand. A good time was had by all, but most especially, Kiki and PopPop.

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wedding ceremony

Wedding Destination - Hilton Head Island and the surrounding Carolina Low Country has become a most desirable site for folks to come from far and wide to solemnize their marriages. South Carolina law allows a variety of officials (judges, notaries, etc.) to officiate at such ceremonies, but many couples ask specifically if a minister might be available. Since pastors actively serving churches are often reluctant to take on additional responsibilities that do not involve members of their own congregations, that means the pool of available clergy is somewhat limited. Enter David. Officiating at such affairs has become a most enjoyable form of ministry now that we have relocated to the island permanently. For details about the process, click here or on the "Weddings" button at left and we will be happy to assist.

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Colorblind Church God of Justice

BOOK SALE!!! Book prices are always too high (at least, according to former seminary students who had to buy them) Fortunately, we can offer at least a little discount from publisher's prices when you purchase online. Click here for more descriptive information about the books, ordering information, and to take advantage of author's discounts on the books available. By the way, David's newest book, The 2,000 Year Old Preacher: 21st sermons on 1st century texts is now available. It is a collection of sermons for the Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany seasons for Year B in the Revised Common Lectionary.

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